Where and How to Watch Content on Daisuki?

What gives Daisuki an advantage over most of its competitors is the fact that its website can be accessed from anywhere in the world, unless other companies acquire the exclusive distribution / broadcast rights in that region in a particular one. Unfortunately, the service is not compatible with a wide range of devices. However, they have an app for iPhone / iPad and Android users. Alternatively, you can broadcast on their official website using your laptop or computer.


Ease of use and design:
Personally, we liked the Daisuki façade and its design across all media. Navigating the site’s pages and finding content was easy (without skipping it). All major categories such as “Watch Anime”, “Shop”, “Community”, “Information” and the buttons on the social media page are bold to the left. These options can also be found at the bottom of the screen. The design is one of the best we’ve seen on the free streaming site. In fact, on discussion boards like Quora, some users went on to say that they liked the Daisuki design better than Crunchyroll; This says a lot! The design is very neat, too.

However, we are facing an issue regarding download speed. Although the internet connection is relatively fast; It took some time to load the content. Also, on more than one occasion, an error has appeared stating that the player cannot download the content. However, this may be our individual problem, as our colleagues did not encounter it at all.

Weigh the pros and cons:
As with any transmission, Daisuke has advantages and disadvantages, but the good news is that the first overtakes the second.

Professionals –
It boasts some very rare series like Gundam, as well as simultaneous broadcasting.
Unlike its opponents, Daisuki is available worldwide.
Economically feasible for most people.
It supports a decent number of platforms with a super interface.
Negatives –
The library is not as large as its counterparts.
The video quality is not the best, especially if the internet speed is slow.
Lack of support on other devices such as game consoles and smart televisions.
Final thoughts + important advice:

Daisuki is a great initiative, especially for those who are just starting out in the world of animation or have very little budget to spend on paid subscriptions. It is also ideal for those looking for titles that are not readily available; Gundam series for example. However, if you want an extensive library, best video quality, and widely supported service in terms of hardware, Daisuki might not be for you. Alternatively, you can try to check out other paid services like Hulu and Crunchyroll.

As we mentioned above, Daisuke is about to kick the bucket. The company announced that it will close all services before October 31, 2017 and all customer support services by the end of the year. While this might not really affect North American anime fans, those out of the region will definitely feel upset. We think one of the reasons Daisuki is nearing an end is because of his late entry. Although it is supported by major animation studios; The company has failed to offer exclusivity to its audience. We secretly hope they brought Premium membership for users sooner and introduced a wider content catalog.


The Next 5 Things You Should Do For Online Shop Success

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Don’t Waste Time! 9 Facts Until You Reach Your Online Website

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