Computer Repair

Having a computer is almost essential in today’s world. With the introduction of the Internet and the convenience of email as a communication method, it is easy to see why most people want to have a computer in their home or office.

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Computers are like anything else and there are times when they don’t work as planned. It’s frustrating sitting at your desk ready to play a game or work on a document only to find that your computer isn’t cooperating.

When it comes to computer repair, it is often wise to seek professional help. A computer technician is specially trained to assess the problem and offer the best possible solution.

There are certain types of computer repairs that you may want to do yourself. These are typically minor fixes that can be handled with a little instruction and attention to detail.

One computer repair that you could do yourself is to replace the battery or the computer fan. Every desktop computer has a fan inside. This fan is used to keep computer components cool. It is essential that the fan works efficiently to ensure that the computer does not overheat.

The first sign that your computer’s fan may not be working properly is that you will notice a different sound when you start or run your computer. Instead of immediately taking it to a computer repair shop, take a moment to test the fan.

Computers usually have two fans. One is used to cool the power supply and the other is used to cool the CPU. Open the lid of the computer and listen. If the sound seems to be coming from the fan cooling the CPU, you’ll want to replace it.

If the computer is still under warranty, this type of computer repair will be done free of charge. Follow the instructions you were given for repairs at the time of purchase. If the warranty period has passed, you can take it to a computer repair shop or do it yourself.

The first and most important step in performing any computer repair is unplugging the computer from the electrical outlet. Then you will need to examine the fan to see how it is connected. It will probably be attached with a few small screws. Once they have loosened, you will need to unplug the fan from its power source. It will be one or two small clips. Then take the fan to the computer repair shop and buy a new one.

After replacing it, put the cover back on and plug in the machine. The fan should now work perfectly and the noise you were hearing will be gone.

Sometimes a computer makes noises because a piece of hardware is not connected properly. One of the possible culprits is the CD-Rom or DVD drive. Again, for this type of computer repair, you’ll want to carefully remove the cover and listen to the source of the noise. After tightening the screws that hold the hardware in place and replacing the cover, plug in the machine and listen to see if the annoying noise has disappeared.

When it comes to repairing computers, it is important to be safe and thorough. Computers are an expensive investment and keeping them running efficiently is crucial. If you’re comfortable handling a small computer repair yourself, give it a try. If you don’t feel comfortable, take the machine to a local computer repair shop and let the experts do their work.

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