Slot Review Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 6 Tips

Opening reviews
Playing free slot machines is just one way to entice players to play at an online casino. Another way is to provide excellent opening reviews. A player can learn by trial and error, of course, but most players prefer to read a quick and silent guide to the hatch, so they can get to know it faster and start winning.

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There are a number of things that separate reviews of my slot machines from other people’s work that you can find on online casino review sites. First, my hatch reviews are personal. Unlike many slot review sites, which copy an existing review, I don’t. I play every slot I review (whenever possible), and I look at it not just from a sales point of view, but also from a player’s point of view.

There is so much more to a slot review than discussing the jackpot value and how it can be won. What about the opening charts, how do they work, are they smooth or lagging? What are the different features of the game and how do you activate them? Is it wise to bet on the big bets, or should I go for smaller bets, due to cause X or probability Y? This is the kind of thing that I love to cover in my hatch reviews. I cover them because, as a player, I want to know them.

As with most of my businesses, I prefer to talk to the player, rather than carry him around with endless lists of information. Like I said, I’m playing solo so I know what the players want to hear. In a friendly and conversational way, I reveal everything they want to know about a particular hatch, and try to do it honestly.

If the slot machine is not very good, or is aimed at a certain type of player, I will always endeavor to mention it, if I can. Obviously, sometimes customers don’t want honesty, they just want me to sell the game to the player. In these circumstances, I will focus on the positive and briefly touch on the negative side, so as not to mislead the player into thinking that he is playing a jewel, when in fact he is not. You must always maintain a form of honesty with the player.

A typical hatch review from me would be between 300-500 words, although I have been known to write up to 800 words if the hatch has enough features to avoid nonsense.

A typical hatch review will include the following.

Hole overview
A section on how to bet, currency values, minimum / maximum bets and number of paylines.
Show the icons in the slot
Scatter symbol, rebel symbol, bonus rounds, free spins and multiples analysis
How to run the game and any other notes on its design (including its developer)
Game overview, from a player’s point of view (mine), what will appeal to the player type and why. This is usually the section of the article where the opinion is given honestly.
My slot reviews cover a wide range of genres, including classic slots, pub and fruit machines, specialty slots, multi-reel slots, multi-pay video slots, progressive jackpots, and more.

Obviously, some elements of a typical slot review are subject to change, for example the special features section of a typical classic opening, as most of these slots do not have such features. This can be replaced with additional text to lengthen the review (no nonsense), or drop as you wish.

Honesty is important when reviewing a game, because a player will know if they are lying once they have played it. If you are looking for honest slots reviews, you will want to try someone other than a writer.

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