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Basketball teams around the world use a variety of strategies in their bid to win matches. Some play big. Some play fast. Some play filming as many as possible three times. The Phoenix Suns tried to play Tuesday night against the Kansas City Sacramento Kings without a big man playing paintball or an excellent goalkeeper, who, of all the unique strategies out there, turned out not to be the best. .

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After the Boston Celtics defeated the Suns on Monday night in a match that appeared to be completely out of place Phoenix on the offensive side of the field, it was easy to point to Ricky Rubio’s absence as a possible culprit. out of control.

While Rubio played in the first half against the Kings, he didn’t really play. His back spasms clearly limited his movement and he hasn’t been the same player the Suns have enjoyed so far this season.

Suns fans will want to help him and get a better place for him.

As if that wasn’t enough given the lack of base depth, the injury foul decided to take a bite from Aaron Baines’ hip while he was as he was.

Pines, who appears to be human after all, came out against the Kings, leaving Frank Kaminski as the starting center for the team.

The thing about Kaminski in the center, he is a 7 feet player in name only. The former Hornet likes to spend most of his time on the ocean, which is helpful in some scenarios, but over the course of the entire game, it doesn’t exactly lead to easy paint points or edge protectors on defense if he’s the only great guy on the field.

Oh, and if you’ve been following at home, Deandre Ayton is still hanging out.

Cheick Diallo got a few extra minutes. He’s cute and all of that, but if he’s your favorite big guy, well, I don’t know what to tell you.

There was neither an astral guardian nor a great man to underestimate that led him to exactly what he might think. Kings got nearly all of their points around the edge, while the Suns had to rely on what looked like exclusively mid-range jump shots.

This resulted in a 30% payout in favor of the Phoenix Suns in the first half compared to a 60% payout for Kings and, most importantly, a 62-45 deficit in the first half of The Suns simply. They could not hold back.

But they tried to crawl.

The Suns regained their energy in the second half and especially in the fourth quarter, but it turned out to be very little and it was too late.

Without a large part on their list, the Suns needed to play with the energy they put in in the fourth quarter throughout the match, and unfortunately, there was none.

The final result was close (120-116), but it did not seem that the opportunity was available against the Suns, especially after Bogdan Bogdanovic suddenly decided that it was the best shot in the NBA, as he scored 31 points with a score of 7-9 out of 3 ..

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