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Airport openings around the world
The demand for air travel is increasing around the world. Many airports are already crowded, and demand far exceeds available capacity. As global traffic growth is expected to double by 2034, the number of airports with slot restrictions is expected to continue to increase.

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The management of airport capacity is essential to guarantee efficient access to the airport infrastructure and resources. When the demand for slots exceeds availability, the slot formatting process takes place.

Airports, as infrastructure providers, are in a unique position to improve efficiency in the use of their capacities and influence the operation for the benefit of the traveling public.

With regard to the upcoming summer season of 2021 and the gradual recovery of air traffic, there must be a reasonable balance between protecting the reestablishment of pre-COVID-19 networks and enabling a “new normal” after COVID-19 for services respond and new demand patterns can be created. ACI World, together with IATA and the slot coordinators, endorses the recommendation of the World Airport Slot Board (WASB), as follows:

Airlines return a full time slot in early February 2021 to allow them to retain the right to operate next summer.
Lower execution limit to maintain spaces in the next season. Under normal industry conditions, it is set to 80-20. WASB recommends setting this to 50-50 by summer 2021, recognizing that regulators can adapt it to reflect local market needs.
A clear definition of the unacceptable use of a hatch. For example, force majeure as a result of short-term border closures or quarantine measures imposed by governments.
Group of Experts on Openings (EGS)
The Slot Expert Group provides strategic and technical guidance to ACI World on developing a slot allocation policy at airports. This group identifies key issues and supports the development of ACI World policies and slot positions, as well as the World Airport Opening Guidelines (WASG). EGS membership reflects the global nature of space allocation, with representatives from all ACI regions.

EGS Membership
Terms of Reference of the Expert Group on Slots
World Airport Slot Guidelines (WASG)
The WASG Guidelines have been published by the Airports Council International (ACI), the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Worldwide Airport Coordinator Group (WWACG) to provide the global air transport community with a common set of standards for the management of Airport shifts at coordinated airports and planned operations. At affordable airports.

WASG is the result of airport operators, airlines, and hatch coordinators working together at the World Airports Slot Board to update and improve frame guidelines while recognizing national or regional legislation. Comprised of an equal number of airports, airlines and coordinators, the WASB’s mandate is to suggest areas for policy development, consider ways to improve procedures, and analyze the impact of new technologies to improve slot allocation and consumer outcomes. .

World Airport Slot Guidelines (WASG)
Membership of the World Airport Openings Board (WASB)
Terms of reference of the World Airport Openings Board (WASB)
ACI Global Training on Airport Slot Customization
The ACI Global Airport Slot Allocation Training Course defines how slots are allocated, what guidelines and regulations are for global and local tire allocation, and what role airport operators can play in promoting more efficient use of your infrastructure.

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